So it Ends. (Day 90/91)

Patrick JC.

10 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I missed a day of blogging. First time in months - made it to 89 days - I’m very proud of the achievement. Though to be honest, I’m a little bummed out. It feels like I’ve let myself down in sabotaging a routine. Alas, I won’t let it get to me too much. Jump back into it, I suppose.

‘How ya’ going? I’m going to give this 30-Day Blogging Competition a crack! It is currently the 1st of September where I am in Australia.’

Certainly hasn’t been the best past 24 hours. I’m buggered, needing a good night’s rest. To put it bluntly, I’ve been zapped of motivation by not looking after myself well enough. This too, shall pass. Growing up, when a motivative and productive period of life is quashed/hindered, I revert to unhealthy and damaging behaviours or habits…

…I’m going to work hard to prevent this. I think writing it on a page and on-chain will be a great way to hold me accountable. Though, I think more assistance will need to be conjured in this case. Perhaps a slap to the face, snap out of it Pat - lol.

The whole past month has been so stressful, I’m still somewhat in panic mode. I dread wasting away December to overthinking and anxieties. Beginning tomorrow, I will tend to a better diet and sleep schedule. These are key components to a productive and happy month. Additionally, I will try again to cut out alcohol (except for a couple of upcoming social events).

The past three months have been some of my healthiest and most productive in a long time, whilst also being some the hardest. The momentum is dropping, and the honeymoon phase of lifestyle chapter change is over. I can’t let this dissuade me as it has in the past. Often, I’ve witnessed myself staying consistent in bursts of weeks or months, to then fall into a decline in productivity, having to repeat the process again.

This mental hurdle must be jumped, it can be done if I set myself to it and treat my body, soul and mind with care, respect and patience…

…I hope you are doing well, this is all I shall write for today.