So it Begins. (Day 1)

Patrick JC.

8 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I’m going to give this 30-Day Blogging Competition a crack! It is currently the 1st of September where I am in Australia.

What a great idea, and ideally timed in my position - as I’m stuck in lockdown here in Melbourne (212 days, no sign of easing). I hope that by doing this challenge, I can develop my writing skills and willpower to commit to a task each day. I’m also looking forward to reading the content of the great minds joining the task with me, imagine how much creativity will be booming out of Bitpost!

A little about me, I am an undergrad student. I work part-time in Real Estate. I manage a growing non-profit I’m very excited to share with you all! I love to film and edit things, I hope I can utilise this skill within the BSV community in the future.

I haven’t written much, in fact, I don’t have a set topic on what I’ll write about this month. I guess I am hoping for something to stand out in the coming days whilst I play around with different themes and content. I made a short article on Bitpost this time last year, about the Melbourne lockdowns and suicide. This may become a common topic in my posts, as the reality of being subjected to harsh restrictions is difficult to currently avoid in my everyday life. You can read my article here. Everything stated remains the same 12 months later, the draconian measures have not stopped, and the mental health consequences are proving to be a strain on Melbourne’s citizens and the health sector. Lifeline, Australia’s largest suicide support hotline recorded record levels of calls last week. The most calls ever recieved in a day since its inception 57 years ago.

On a less depressing note, I hope this challenge will motivate me in new ways, as lockdown can be quite the drainer. I am always looking to develop skills and learn new things! In many ways, my curiosity is what lead me to the SV community. Hundreds of hours of research on blockchain tech, utility, history and the vast level of politics surrounding it has given me somewhat of a passion for the space. I look forward to continue meeting many great people, using all the exciting apps in the small but emerging ecosystem. I feel there are so many great oppurtunities yet to be born!

So, g’day, shoot me a message, always love a chat! Looking forward to this wonderful Bitpost challenge!