Protests & Procrastination. (Day 18)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? It is the weekend here, although I must work on my neglected uni assignments! Wish me luck! On a positive, I took some TSC profits and purchased my first Metabot!

As per my previous post:

‘’I just missed the mark on the functionalized NFT of MetaBots release, perhaps I can pick one up with my yield in a few weeks!’’

Turns out I only needed a couple of days instead of a few weeks! I’m keen to see what the future holds for both NFTonShow and TSwap, especially as TSwap’s release BSV/USDT pairing/farming on the 22nd this month. I predict many will ape into this too. For now, I’ll remain cautious whilst a correction takes place.

Melbourne Protest - 18th September 2021

Melbourne saw yet another protest, against the strict lockdown rules this afternoon. Protesters attempted to gain access into the CBD, they ended up congregating around Richmond on the outskirts of the city.

Police blocked off all roads to the city, with checkpoints interviewing any car attempting to access. The public transport system into the city was halted for a few hours too.

This did not stop the protesting, and some violence ensued. Here is some footage of the police line being broken:

The protestors never made it to the city, and were subsequently trapped within a narrow road until Police picked off individuals one by one.

I expect more of these protests to happen the longer these rules go on. Indeed, they will become more violent. This gives the State the opportunity to play with their new toys, whilst displaying their performance of power.

The Police and State force aren’t complaining in this situation. To them, this is putting training into practice. Australia see’s little public disobedience throughout recent decades. These demonstrations are merely a reinforced flex of the State’s capabilities. The people getting hurt, are the demonstrators. Grim times.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend. Grab a MetaBot, relax and enjoy some tunes.
I gotta’ go work on my essays!