Protests & Earthquakes. (Day 22)

Patrick JC.

29 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? For the third day in a row, tradesmen and construction workers have rallied around the CFMEU (Construction Forestry Maritime and Energy Union) headquarters on Elizabeth Street.

What started out as an anti-vaccine rally against union bosses announcing mandatory vaccinations within the industries, has now evolved into a full-scale anti-lockdown demonstration.

Protestors gathered today around the Shrine of Remembrance, a sacred building commemorating the fallen soldiers of the World War I. It is a few minutes out from the CBD, many Police gathered attempting to disperse the crowd.

These demonstrations are the most violent yet. A few weeks ago, I was shocked to see projectiles fired towards citizens. Now such an act is commonplace. Tension is certainly escalating and will continue if the demand of the demonstrators is not met. The unionists are demanding non-mandatory vaccine, or they will continue to protest.

You can hear the slogan on live feed footage: ‘’ Every day! ’’, meaning these folks will not stop until listened to. In response to these protests, the State government have announced a forced two-week closure on the construction industry.

I can’t seem to find much direct footage on YouTube, as a lot has been taken down. Mainstream media channels aren’t showing the full extent of the violence either.

The only footage I can find, is from this reporter, but it was from yesterday.

The reality is people are beginning to crack. Many industries and its workers are facing the brunt of it. I feel that the lower socio-economic class are taking this the hardest. This class are usually under jobs in retail, cleaning, hospitality etc. They are also more likely to live in cramped living conditions.

I completely understand the frustration. 234 days in lockdown is unprecedented. I’m trying to hold on a little longer, myself. We have at least another month to go.

On another note, I was awoken by an earthquake this morning. 6.0 on the Richter scale. The epicentre was in the north of Victoria, with tremors being felt from Wellington, Tasmania and Sydney. It was kind of cool. No one was hurt, thankfully.

Apparently, it was the biggest earthquake we’ve seen since the English arrived in settlements!
Here’s some footage.

Anyway, I’m keeping sane. Working hard, working out, eating well. Looking forward to a couple of days off shortly!

Have a listen to Amon Tobin.