On Time. (Day 33)

Patrick JC.

2 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? The clocks moved forward one hour - early this morning. We can now enjoy the October sun longer each evening here. This got me thinking about time, and how myself and the people around me perceive it. Seems to be a common theme in my writing right now.

My Grandfather is the conservative type. I admire his achievements and composure throughout his life. Raising three sons whilst bringing himself from the ground up to an executive level career takes great strength and commitment.

As time goes by, his memory has become a little more than faded. Each time we speak, he asks how life is and where I’m at. I’ll utter the same thing I told him last week - advancing in school and work, the usual. To that, I receive the same response:

‘’You better hurry up, you’ll be running out of time’’.

Of course, the bloke wants what is best for me, and this is his way of conveying his love. However, his life narrative seeps through in these words. It is how he has conducted his long and noteworthy time on this earth. Always reaching the next destination quickly. Landing the job, marrying the wife, having children. I listen and consider what his wisdom teaches me, however one alarm bell rings for me…

…These areas of life - I do not want to rush into. I want time to find love and meaning. Will time itself let me down? I do not know for I am young still. Though, I am willing to be patient for now, instead of being pressured by what is deemed limited evermore. Whilst still showing the utmost respect for the conceptual binder of life and entropy.

The same goes for my older friend and mentor. He tells me to hurry up and secure the highest paying career. Yet my friend, I am enjoying the journey. I know you care about me; I know you are projecting unto me your lessons and success. I am happy to take a little longer if it brings me the wonderful opportunities of stopping - and smelling the roses.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986 film)

Time is our most precious resource. I understand this, and I treat it with appreciation and acclaim. I feel it is necessary to treat it as such. By doing so, perhaps you may reward yourself with those blissful moments of present stillness. Enjoy it…



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