Luck. (Day 88)

Patrick JC.

10 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I’ve never considered myself a lucky person, statistically speaking. I think most people wouldn’t. We determine luck to be an agent of chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen to us. Luck is simply a construct that we may base untoward someone that has had a few illusionary ‘lucky streaks’. Does luck increase as a result of one taking on many opportunities or observations?

I remember an old friend in primary school was always regarded as lucky. He’d often find dollar notes on the ground, or valuable items, or win school contests. Could his streak of luck be influenced by other factors of his personality?

For example, he was always observant. To be looking at your surroundings constantly, you are bound to pick on things others miss (a shiny coin or bank note). Likewise, he was active and outgoing, getting involved in many activities. I think luck is closely correlated with the opportunities you take in life.

You won’t run into many statistically improbable outcomes if you stay at home in the same environment all day. The same can be said in the opposite manner of improbable ‘luck’, too. One may be just as improbably ‘unlucky’ by being in multiple situations and opportunities.

Perhaps we can even go as far to say that once this young boy had been remarked as lucky by his peers and family – a feedback loop would have begun. He sees himself as lucky, therefore he seeks out the opportunities that put him in situations that involve what we determine as lucky outcomes.

Does considering yourself as lucky, also make you happier? People tend to want to be around happier people, therefore more opportunities and benefits towards that person can be made.

= Extra social or situational opportunities
= Extra tendency towards luck outcomes
= Happier life?
And repeat?

I’m rambling and trying to make sense out of this shower thought. Perhaps I may investigate the literature surrounding what it is to be lucky or consider oneself as lucky.

I think I am lucky in the sense of my upbringing and life. Indeed, I can recall after some thought, many instances in which I have been regarded lucky, or considered myself as such. Perhaps not in mathematical circumstances like that of a Roulette game, but certainly in social and opportunistic cases.

Do I consider myself happy because of this? Somewhat, along with many other intrinsic positives life throws at me. I dunno’, something to expand on later perhaps…

For today, I don’t have time left to ponder. I’m heading out to see an old friend. I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend wherever you are.

Here is a tune from a very famous Melbourne band you may have heard of: