Last Exam & Mental Notes. (Day 79)

Patrick JC.

17 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Final exam done for the year! A long and well-deserved break ahead whilst I focus on some creative projects and ‘motivational recharging’. This week has been one of the toughest in a long while. I must be there for my family over the weekend.

The next few weeks will be a blast, I think. There are some projects I really want to have a crack at. I’ll list them here for reference and to clear my head:

Build a Website

As mentioned in earlier posts, my aim is to migrate from BitPost, to focus on a more formalized execution of weekly/bi-weekly blog posts. I may keep the daily writing up here, we’ll see how the schedule turns out. So long as I stick to writing every day, the platform doesn’t matter much to me.

It will be a great learning curve to implement Moneybutton and Relay swipes within the site. I’m not much of a backend guy, but I gotta’ start somewhere. Perhaps I can eventually integrate on-chain data similar to what we see on BitPost.

Long-term, my goal is to have an accomplished site of blogs or articles that are well written and sound. Topics will range from anything related to bitcoin, to philosophy, politics and beyond. I’m taking great inspiration from Steven Patterson and his writings.

Attempt YouTube videos

These will be BSV related, most likely. Covering niche topics within the community and culture. I miss the ‘inthebox’ episodes, they were fun to watch and get involved. Either way, there seems to be a gap in the creative market.

I may experiment with a few different styles. I have the camera and audio equipment, so we’ll just see how it goes. Gonna’ be fun!

NFT Project

I have thought about establishing an NFT project related to Saito. I think it would be potentially successful to involve the large following of Saito with a related NFT. They may be generative, and 3-D based depending on workload and skills needed.

More on that later.

Anyway – I’m not feeling 100% today health-wise. As you can tell, I’m in no mood at all to write! Let me try and find a fitting song for today. Here ya’ go.

Hope you are doing well.