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Patrick JC.

10 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? The past week held substantial developments surrounding Kleiman vs Wright, NFT marketplace platforms and mainstream media recognition towards BSV. I’ve been lurkin’ and observing as per usual…

…I hope everyone is well. It is good to see some more posts on here. Perhaps another #Bitpost30 is in order? Perhaps I could arrange one myself, we’ll see.

Rare Candy

BSV’s newest NFT marketplace is anticipated to launch very shortly. There is no doubt in my mind that the team behind this platform are indeed the Twetch boys. Design elements are akin to Twetch3 and the way in which the unfiltered Twitter persona is conducted gives me major déjà vu.

Furthermore, I’ve observed on the Twetch feed from time to time, Randy and Moisty admiring the dev work of Solsea & Raydium on Solana’s ecosystem. The colour palette and design is parallel to what you’d see on that network. Not to mention, Twetch releasing an in-browser wallet identical to Phantom wallet.

Nonetheless, Rare Candy is going to be a game changer once launched. With Oni Society and Astro Apes already backed as residential candidates for launch, we are bound to see some incredible energy similar to that of the Gopnikz drop.


Another smaller NFT project based around 3D modelled artworks and a bidding system. Semo looks to be an exciting venture within BSV. The wallet support on this platform is phenomenal. Essentially every major provider is available except Handcash and Twetch (hopefully integrated soon).

I’m loving all these new apps. Very exciting to see where Semo can take 3D-based NFTs! Check it out and have a bid. You can follow them here on Twitter.

Mainstream Recognition

The mainstream media made the rounds in relation to Kleiman vs Wright case and the closing verdict. As I’m sure you are aware, the defence won on all counts apart from the $100mm owed to W&K Defence, most of which is owned by Wright and his ex-wife, and Dave’s estate (still a current legal case regarding ownership).

In the eyes of CoinGeek and defence, this is a sure-fire win. Though, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Vel Freedman thought otherwise stating this in a Twitter post:

‘’It’s come to my attention that Andres Rivero (CSW lawyer) is claiming the $100M verdict finding his client is a thief, was a win. That’s hilarious. I wish him many more such “wins.” He’s also falsely claiming they offered more to settle the case. Lies.’’ – Vel Freedman, 7th December.

Regardless of which way you want to spin this outcome, the mainstream media consensus viewed this as a win for defence, which I agree with for the most part. It is good to see some traction amongst the wider cryptocurrency community reassessing BSV, Wright and the history of Bitcoin.

The news has perched BSV to the top of trending lists, bringing new eyes and folks witnessing the power and capability of the original protocol. ‘Who would have thought you could mint NFTs on Bitcoin?’ says a newcomer on Twitter. More mainstream media attention, more people will come in curious on what the fuss is about. Great news for the ecosystem.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. I’m trying to jump back into this after falling off the wagon for a week or so. As I said, great to see some new faces writing, and Geir remaining strong, almost at 100 consecutive days. Well done, mate.

On another note, thinking about taking Sundays off my phone completely. I wonder if it would bring any benefits. Hmm…

…Here is a tune from the outro of a film made by YouTuber’s Joel Haver and Dax Flames. Hope ya’ well, be safe!



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