Healthy Livin'. (Day 78)

Patrick JC.

18 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Haven’t gone for a ride in a couple of days now. The lowered alertness and energy is very noticeable. I’ve ridden at least five to six times a week for almost three months. My stamina, strength, lung capacity and overall wellbeing has improved dramatically.

I remember the first day heading out for a ride in late August. No more than a few miles had me almost passing out! I sat in my car out of breath, dreading the thought of climbing stairs up to my apartment. The contrast now is almost comedic. I can double the distance without hardly breaking a sweat. Something I never would have expected back in August.

Now that gyms are back open, my plan is to continue my riding schedule with an additional 3 day per week gym routine. I don’t want anything special, just a few weight exercises to get me going. Like my riding schedule, I’m not going in with any goal apart from staying consistent. Only after the habit is formed, will I begin planning more structured health pursuits.

Assistance With My Goal

Sticking to consistency will be aided by Honā, no doubt. As I stated a while back, I’m shocked no one in BSV is using this. Whenever a new application in BSV comes out, many people seem to flock to it. Yet, Honā (and BitPost) are barren even though the UX and functionalities are incredible…

Honā received funding from Tim Draper’s start-up competition, and you can certainly tell. The layout, and UI is fast, streamlined and smooth. I think it is one of the sharpest applications in the BSV space. I highly recommend you check it out.

I will likely submit this commitment on Monday the 22nd of November. From there, the next process of my fitness pursuits will begin! I will strive to stick to this goal all throughout the summer months (Dec – Feb).

Anyway, been a better day than yesterday, that’s for sure.

Here’s some much needed PIGGIE: