Gopnikz Profitz. (Day 45)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Gopnikz NFTs dropped about 48 hours ago. The release was reminiscent of the Twetch Hat drop. Absolute chaos. Like the Twetch Hat release, Gopnikz caused an entire website to crash due to the increased traffic and demand.

I expected this to happen, and after an hour or so of wondering if a purchase went through, I went to bed. The drop happened at 2am on a weekday here, and I had to work the next day. Waking up (around 5 hours later) and things seemed to have stabilized. Thousands were purchased right off the bat. I’m happy to have snagged a couple - and to soon be rewarded with a Genesis Gopnik.

The Gopnikz team made an absolute killing. If we break down the numbers, we can see just how much BSV transferred to their wallet in under 24 hours.

Gopnikz team profits at the time of writing:

  • 3000 Gopnikz
  • 0.33BSV per Gopnik
  • Slightly over 2000 already sold
  • 0.33BSV x 2000 = 660BSV
  • 660BSV x $173.88USD = $114,760.80USD

Overall profit if/when all Gopnikz are sold at floor/rug price:
$172,141.20USD (or) 990BSV (excluding future auction on Genesis Gopnikz)

Additionally - Gopnikz will continue to take 1% rolyalty fee for every future sale of a Gopnik.

This is without a doubt – the biggest NFT sale within a 24-hour timeframe in BitCoin history. The FOMO was unprecedented. Metadesk utilized a clever social media campaign and filled a market gap quickly and professionally.

In relation to Metabot NFTs, current profits are almost identical. Keep in mind, the Metabot team segmented their release over days - not instantly like Gopnikz.

Metabot/Showpay team profits (excluding past auction process):

  • x199 Metabots at 0.38BSV = 75.62BSV
  • x300 Metabots at 0.58BSV = 174BSV
  • x300 Metabots at 0.78BSV = 234BSV
  • x185 Metabots at 0.98BSV = 181.30BSV
  • Total = $115,616.28USD (or) 664.92BSV

Of course – some criticism has been made in relation to NFT releases on BSV:

I agree to an extent. BSV isn’t meant for Ponzi behaviour, it is too powerful for that. However, people have the freedom to buy what they please. No one is forcing anyone to purchase a Gopnik. If this is what it takes to get wider attention from external communities, then I don’t see an issue. If this is what the market/demographic wants, then I don’t see an issue. Play the NFT game whilst showing people what BSV is capable of, and get some artists and motivated people rich in the making.

In saying that – I predict many similar projects to emerge on BSV. People saw the success and will attempt to mimic the marketing and hype that Gopnikz achieved. Be aware of what you are purchasing. Gamble responsibly. And don’t spend anything you can’t afford to lose. You already know this, I’m not your caretaker.

Congratulations to the team and their semi-successful (RelayX crash) launch. I look forward to seeing how this market pans out in the future. Especially if BSV is to be adopted within other communities.