Gopnik Energy. (Day 38)

Patrick JC.

14 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Looks like the team behind NFT project, ‘Gopnikz‘ have it in the bag when it comes to marketing. Metadesk are showing their ‘proof of social media‘ when it comes to promoting their generative art.

So much so, I couldn’t help but get involved with the competition they are currently running. The task is simple. Give your best slav squat and drop your RelayX handle to go in the running to win 1 of 3 rare genesis Gopnik.

Check out the Twitter thread, and my submission below. And get involved!

I’m keen to see what Gopnikz can bring to the table, and where it can take the BSV. If it were to blow up (great faith in the Metadesk team), many new bloods will come and witness the capabilities of BSV.

To quote Jack Liu - Founder of RelayX:
The @Gopnikz is culture
Culture will redefine BitCoin

This rings true on many levels. And I believe the Metadesk team, Twetch team and some other players in the BSV game know this. Establishing a culture, community and belonging among small group will shape how outsiders of that group will see and percieve it.

Outsiders will look in and think, ‘damn - these guys are having fun. I want in on that too’. This is FOMO redefined in the ‘crypto-space’. Fear of missing out on all the fun and excitement happening on-chain.

We need more players such as Gopz and Twetch redefining social media, NFTs and culture within BSV. In the future, I may too jump on the thought-leader wagon with my own unique takes and marketing projects for BSV. Whether it be YouTube videos, NFT creation or perhaps even an application.

Things are growing at an organic and steady pace on this chain. Soon enough, this organic growth will create too much internal pressure. Floodgates will open to the wider world, and the real fun will begin.

Thanks for reading, comrade.