Genuine Retweets Review. (Day 42)

Patrick JC.

10 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I tried out the ‘Boost a Tweet’ feature on Genuine Retweets (GR) last night. The process was streamlined and very simple. I thought I’d write a quick review here for anyone wanting to know how it works before spending the coin. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big enough Twitter following. So, for now - I can only use GR as a customer, not an earner.

What is it?

Genuine Retweets is a Twitter-promotion service running on BSV. It relays real people, comments, likes and retweets to a targeted/boosted tweet via its URL. A buyer will select how many interactions they want their post to receive, then pay the relevant fee.

From this fee, earners on the GR application will be incentivised and notified to like, comment and retweet the post in return for a percentage of the initial fee. This is a great example of micropayment potential over the internet. Instead of paying a company to spam your post with bots, you are paying multiple real people in smaller distributions.

My Experience.

I saw a tweet last night that received many interactions. It was unusual for this account to be received this way, so I knew something was up. Being in the space - I knew that something was Genuine Retweets.

So, I wanted to give it a crack. This is the post I tested it on:

I paid GR $25USD in BSV via Handcash to receive 50 engagements and at least 5 genuine comments. This was the second option out of four, prices currently range from $20USD to $49USD (or 25 to 125 engagements).

What I received was much more, however. I’d say I received over 60 likes, 60 retweets and 7 or so genuine comments. The post interaction began almost instantly after payment. It took roughly half an hour until all the engagements came through. From an outsider perspective, it looks to happen at an organic rate.

I was happy with the service. For the price, it is worth it to boost or advertise something. Or to make your post look a little more important than it is!

Some Feedback.

Some thoughts I had regarding GR’s service is whether Twitter will interpret this traffic as spam? And if so, would it result in shadow-banning or similar restrictions on my account? If you consider that my posts get essentially zero interaction. Then, suddenly one blows up and then abruptly stops. What would that look like on Twitter’s end? Surely there must be some algorithm or code tracking these things, right?

Additionally – as the platform is still small, the interactions received are from people still within the BSV space. I understand this is just a teething issue during GR’s infancy. However, it could be limiting when attempting to expand/scale outside of BSV community. It would look awfully strange for a travel-blog Twitter account receiving comments from BSV account names.

Anyway, these issues aren’t too big. Overall, the experience was easy and well-worth it for the exposure. Great user interface by the way - clean, simple and refreshing!

Thanks for having a read.