Frog Vision. (Day 86)

Patrick JC.

11 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Ey Tw3tch paying off, as per usual. Got airdropped some pretty cool night vision goggles, then listed them on the market for a nice profit. Twetch developers always giving back and supporting the day ones. That’s a company I can certainly get behind!

These goggles are the first generative 3D NFTs minted on-chain. The mint commenced at block height 714,935. Here’s the theme rarity stats listed below:
Flat – 135 Total
Stripes – 69 Total
Marble – 42 Total
Camo – 33 Total
Ice – 21 Total
Hex – 14 Total
Shiny – 9 Total
Wireframe – 3 Total
Frog Vision – 1 Total

I think my airdropped NFT was the 4th rarest tier of Camo with a total of 33 minted. I sold it almost straight away for 7.8BSV ($1,218). If you include the pre-order cost of Tw3tch, that nets me a profit of $1k or so. Cheers, Frog.


Like I’ve said before, you won’t find a social media platform that gives back to its users the way Twetch does. Interact and enjoy yourself as you’d normally do on conventional social media - and you are bound to earn profit.


People are initially sceptical of the pay-to-use model, but they are not fully appreciating the economy surrounding value creation and the large demand for such in our current online sphere.

Give Twetch a crack and get involved.

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