Fifty Days! (Day 50)

Patrick JC.

11 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Fifty days of consecutive writing. If you told me I’d manage this at the beginning of September, I’d be quite shocked. So, have I noticed any positive benefits from doing this? Certainly! today I’ll mention just a few off the top of my head…

Improved Writing Structure:

I have noticed a substantial improvement in the way I structure my writing. This also includes the grammatical structure, wording and proof-reading. These skills have improved immensely. When I look back at previous posts or school essays, I now notice many inconsistencies of which I never picked up on prior. Although I am still intermediate in my writing skills and structure, I now understand what needs to be done to improve. The constant practice of routinely posting articles produces incredible long-term results.

Clearer Thoughts = Better Conversations:

This is a big one. From the limited number of real-life interactions I’ve had, the conversations have shown to be much clearer. The ease in which my mind flows from topic to topic is an exciting new power to explore. It has been like a system update to my brain, now making my thoughts sharper and more relevant. In addition, I now have an extra set of ideas relating to a topic that I can speak about in person. Because I have written things down about many different themes – I’ve had unique input to add to social interactions.

Improved Routine:

This goes without saying. Doing something daily for almost two months has cemented a routine in my day-to-day. Not only in writing, but in other areas such as work or university. I think three months is the sweet spot in forming a habit, will I make it that long?

Improved Mental Health:

Because I have an outlet to express myself on, I now have a lot of weight lifted from my shoulders. Sharing your thoughts to a barren platform with no comment or liking features provides me with my own haven within the blockchain. I can share what has been concerning me, instead of bottling it up. Putting my thoughts on a blank page helps bring them to life as a tangible thing. That thing can then be archived, to move on to new thoughts instead of lingering or creating mental roadblocks.

These are just a few benefits that I’ve noticed over the weeks. I highly recommend that you give this a crack. It takes discipline and accountability. Yet, with it comes with a plethora of incredible benefits!

I’m off to have a very late dinner, it has been a wonderful day. Here’s a tune.