Everything in Its Right Place. (Day 76)

Patrick JC.

2 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I managed to negotiate my way into hospice care to see my grandmother today. She was heavily sedated but she knew I was there, briefly opening her eyes. It seems she is a handful of hours away from passing.

I acknowledged this will likely be the final moment I see her alive. I said my goodbyes and embraced her warmth one last time. I am happy to have had this chance. Many families during the more restricted parts of the pandemic did not receive such an option. I can’t imagine the frustration and heartbreak.

The next few days will be difficult. I need to cram in an exam and an assignment. The best approach is to just cut ties with my emotions and sit tight for the next three days. I’m a little bit lost, to tell you the truth, but I’ll get there…

…This is ‘normal’ and expected. The dust will settle once I have a clearer schedule. As I mentioned yesterday, my one hope was to touch her before she leaves. This hope became reality, as I placed my forehead beside hers and sat for a good hour or so. Everything vanished and receded for a moment in time. Just me and Grandma. Beautiful, fulfilling and sound.

Grandma, you are in capable hands, you are in no pain. No agitation or stress, with family beside you. This is the best possible outcome, the outcome of which you deserve. Sleep well tonight, we are all here with you when you are ready to go.


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