Essays & Wine. (Day 21)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Wow, I’ve made it three weeks! Never would have thought to last this long. I’m enjoying the outlet, it is sparking my interest and motivation in creative pursuits more than ever.

I’m writing an essay at the moment on the inevitability of war between great powers. I’ve always found the term ‘Thucydides Trap’ to be fascinating surrounding power struggles among states on the ‘anarchic’ global stage. It is essentially, the tendency towards war when one emerging power threatens an existing power.

The likelihood of resulting war is significant due to the emerging power publicly challenging the current hegemonic power. This creates political and diplomatic instability and fear, beginning a dismantling of the current power structure.

12 of the 16 instances in which an emerging power threatens a ruling power has resulted directly in war. Many have cited Thucydides Trap when referencing the current conflict among USA and China.

The complexities among human nature, make theorising on the topic of war difficult. We can only look at man’s past to establish what may come of our future. But I do think one thing is fairly certain, war will never change in its fundamentals so long as we remain human.

I don’t want to believe the world is a cyclical realm of entropic chaos, at least on the human interaction level. Even if human action may seem groundless, irrational or illogical on the surface; some semblance of reasoning lies beneath. Even if that reasoning is inherently flawed. Even if such reasoning results in the killing of other humans.

Anyway, let me try and end this on a lighter tone!

I got a knock on the door from an Uber Eats driver. They handed me a bottle of Barossa Valley Shiraz! Barossa Valley is a famous wine-producing region in Adelaide. They make a great drop, including the world-renowned Penfolds.

Well, it turns out a friend of mine delivered me a 2018 Winton Road Shiraz for winning in a Zoom music quiz last week! What a wonderful surprise. Unfortunately, I have taken the month off drinking. I’ll have to save it, and enjoy later (all the better).

Speaking of music, here is something nice.