Diverse Moonboy. (Day 47)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? The Saito blockchain made a significant price jump over the past 24 hours. It is an open network that runs in-browser applications without plugins or private APIs and infrastructure. It is co-founded by David Lancashire of which a few prominent BSV’ers follow. David is a fan of BSV’s stance on mining, fundamentals and economic solutions addressing the ‘free rider’ problem. You can read his thoughts here.

Anyway, the price pump (result of a shill/cringe YouTuber?) got me thinking about diversification. If we are to jump into another rallying bull-market, then I think it is worth taking some calculated/speculative gambles. Especially since this new narrative is beginning to emerge. The narrative of instant, feeless and scalable chains. Yeah, sounds familiar, right? Well, you’d be an OG to think that, as the space has taken a huge, misdirected fork in fundamental priorities since 2017.

The mainstream is now latching on to the notion that blockchains should scale - and gas fees are getting tedious. Congratulations, take your time. Think Solana hype, Polkadot, Cardano, Avalanche, Algorand and all the other fuckery out there. Regardless, if I’m to take a risk with house money/profit, I may as well do it now

…Saito seems to be one of those chains with a lot of potential growth. Low MC, dedicated team, many shills, sound technology etc. I’ve heard $OMI as another potential through the grapevine, hardly looked into it though. Not that you should look into things, if you follow ape philosophy. With so many emerging ‘scalable’ projects, TSwap’s user listing feature and the multiple SV projects making moves – there are indeed many options to throw your money into. Let me know if you have a juicy investment for me, lol.

Why are you talking like a goddamn moonboy? Well, I’m not here primarily to invest, but it’s a good side gig. And to be honest, I think I’m a bit cautious about the upcoming trial. It might be nice to take some eggs (not from Twetch) and place them into a few other baskets whilst this situation remains volatile.

The result of the trial will likely result in one of these scenarios:

  • The entire market stalls, and free-falls to its death. In which a phoenix emerges over a period. Like the 2000’s bubble.
  • BSV crashes whilst the bull market continues.
  • BSV crashes whilst a bear market begins.
  • BSV moons and God knows what the fuck happens after that.
  • Nothing happens, and ‘crypto’ continues her merry way into absolute degeneracy.

This shit is making me cautious either way. I’m keeping a watchful eye on the updates and evolving news. From anti-BSV’ers and BSV’ers alike. It is necessary to keep an open flow of information. I refuse to lock myself in an echo-chamber like some of the folks in BSV.

Also, consider for a moment – cross-chain capabilities on BSV applications. Something like Twetch working in tandem with Solana and BSV networks, or any other practical and useable chain. That’d be incredible.

As Randy (Twetch Designer/Co-Founder) puts it nicely:

Anyway – I remain hopeful in BSV’s success. Interesting times to come. Here is some wholesome Aussie Pop from up North.



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