'Did You Buy the Dip, Anon?' (Day 81)

Patrick JC.

15 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Ey, are we in a bull trap? I hope not, that was a brutal dip, especially for $SAITO. Anyway, I’m keeping this short, as it is the weekend and I’m heading out to relax.

I had a play test of Duro Dogs this morning during the two-hour testing period. The NFTY Jigs aspect is incredibly interesting, and I need to learn more on how it works interchangeably. Changing NFT features on existing NFTs is a fascinating concept. I hope to see more players in the gaming industry explore functional and editable NFTs.

On another note and related to upcoming BSV apps… Zatto! I’m so keen to have punt on Zatoshi’s e-gaming/casino site. Peergame has treated me well, albeit highly addictive. I’m keen to see what additions Z can bring to the table in his upcoming release.

Mr. Z is often seen at the top of the boards on Peergame, he certainly loves a punt. I presume this will be shown in the quality and design of Zatto. Additionally, I’ve invested a BSV or 2 in ZTO. The ZTO coin/token is equivalent to investing in the Zatto website.

10% of all profits from Zatto will be dispersed accordingly to ZTO holders. This is such a lucrative idea to kickstart funding and give back to the early adopters. I hope Zatto and BSV grows, from an investment standpoint. It gives me a big incentive to shill the site too, lol.

Whilst I’m on the topic of Zatoshi, the box I ordered is soon to arrive (early December). Very keen to see what the generous bloke has packed in. Hoping for the best!

Not much else to add today, I’m rambling a lot and in a hurry.

Enjoy your weekend, take a break, take your eye off ya’ portfolio for a bit.

Here’s a tune from Crepes, love ‘em. It is shaping up to be a cold summer…



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