Deserved Fun. (Day 16)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? So TSwap really kicked off in the past 24 hours. Seemed like everyone in and around BSV wanted to jump in and have a play. Shitposting on the Telegram all night whilst watching TSC rise was a hell of a lot of fun. Felt like I was in some Binance moonboy chat!

I think most of us missed the DeFi hype due to our staunch ideologies and views surrounding 99% of crypto projects. In many ways, this is a good thing. Sticking to ideas and concepts that bring real utility to users rather than speculative gambles will prevail long-term.

But some deserved fun is very much needed along the way. We’ve earnt it after a long wait.

Speaking of fun, TSwap sparked my interest in exploring the Chinese SV ecosystem a little more. The gaming platform of SatoPlay is cool, I’ll be sure to have a few cracks of the games on there.

Other exciting new development, is the ecosystem surrounding MetaID and ShowPay. These look incredible. I recommend watching this video of Sunny Fung (CEO of ShowPay) explaining the incredible potential Blockchain will unleash upon the internet as we know it.

‘’Our data has been hoarded and monopolized by big companies, and they treat user-generated data like something that grows out of their own ‘private garden’.’’ - Sunny Fung (Speaking at Hefei University of Technology)

One such part of the ShowPay ecosystem involves NFTOnShow. This NFT marketplace is much better designed and user-friendly than that of RelayX’s marketplace and TokenPow. I just missed the mark on the functionalized NFT of MetaBots release, perhaps I can pick one up with my yield in a few weeks!


In personal matters, the quarantine scare I had a few days ago turned out to be a dropped case. I was exposed to a Tier 1 Covid site (Meaning 14 Day hard lockdown), but it was later dropped to Tier 2 (Meaning just watch for symptoms). This is a massive relief for me, I wouldn’t survive not leaving the house…

…Another positive is that Melbourne is now allowed picnics within a 10km radius. Everyone was doing this anyway, but it’s good to hear we are getting out of the rut during the good weather. Some much deserved fun to come the next few days!

I’m upset that I missed the Honā virtual meetup! It was 2:30am here last night, hopefully another one can be scheduled! Well done on everyone passing the halfway mark in the challenge. WAGMI.