DeFi on BSV. (Day 14)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? It is exciting to see the emergence of DeFi and liquidity mining/yield farming on the working Bitcoin protocol. TokenSwap (TS) is occupying my current excitement within the SV space. It is the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX to implement such features among BSV.

I did get a little antsy over the months and decided to play around with farming, pairing and LP on other chains - specifically Solana. Using Raydium, SaberAMM-DEX and Sunny Aggregator through SOL’s Phantom wallet has given me competence in navigating DeFi procedures. I also find it quite entertaining. So, I am very keen to have a play around on the chain I am familiar with and undoubtably prefer!

In terms of cross-chain wallets, it is great to see the asset bridge implementation on the Volt wallet (Currently supporting Tron/BSV bridging). Volt is refreshing and easy-to-use, great to see more competitors in the wallet space. TS only supports Volt addresses as of writing.

On a side note, I also believe TokenSwap are starting their circulation of TSC within a couple of hours from this post. TSC will be provided through liquidity mining as TSC/BSV pair, and later as a USDT/BSV pair.

If you are reading this within the hour, TS will airdrop 500 TSC shortly to anyone trading on the platform. I’d recommend having a quick mess around, nothing to lose with the non-existent TX fees!

I find it kind of funny that BSV has gone down the DeFi route, as it is obviously built for much better pursuits. Yet, it is inevitable in the current climate. At least BSV will do DeFi efficiently. As Philip Erdman puts it correctly: ‘’The world isn’t ready for Bitcoin’’.

In fact, this may be a great opportunity for the protocol’s capabilities to shine. Bringing more of the ‘’crypto space’’ (ugh) to BSV may be needed to grow its potential. What better way to do it than by speaking the language of the 99%.

If no one is listening, let’s bring the casino to our doors! No one will care about the politics when they are trading on a cheap, working, instant and secure DEX. I look forward to the future.

Anyway, here’s somethin’ to relax to.