CoinGeek Marathon. (Day 36)

Patrick JC.

15 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? A quick nap and a Red Bull down, I’m up and ready to watch the second day of GoinGeek’s New York Conference!

As per my time zone, the conference starts here at 12am on the dot. So, I will be staying up most of the night to indulge in the exciting announcements surrounding businesses in BSV. Luckily, I have the day off work and university tomorrow to snooze in!

I am particularly excited for Relica’s presentation later in the conference. The Relica boys are doing some crazy cool stuff on their platform. Geo-NFTs are an incredible concept. My mind explodes with the potential this could have on promoting businesses, real-world events and affiliate marketing.

I was fortunate enough to meet the CEO at a BSV meetup here in Melbourne. Daniel Street’s vision is clear and concise, I have great faith in their developments. If Relica gains traction from social media influencers and regular users of Instagram, the value explosion will be massive. I look forward to the possible ‘great migration’.

Additionally, I can’t wait to hear from George Siosi Samuels, the man behind Honā. Honā is the reason I managed to write every day in September! I am also currently using it as a tracking and motivational tool throughout my sober October. It has helped me immensly and I will continue to engage and reap the benefits provided to me.

I am thrilled to have met George virtually the other week in a video chat on the Honā platform. His drive, passion and energy to help others achieve their goals through accountability skills is admirable. His vision is contagious to say the least, I can’t wait to see what Honā can bring out in people.

I see the potential that Honā has in creating a strong community bounded by the singular notion of self-development pursuits. Imagine such a community at scale, think about how much positivity and productivity that will bring to people and the world.

Some other notable speakers I am keen for today include MetaID’s Sunny Fung, Blarecast’s Shem Booth-Spain & Luke Mayernik, the green-energy panel discussion and George Gilder’s keynote speech.

You can watch the CGNY2021 Day 2 livestream on YouTube here.

I hope you are having a wonderful week.