Chapters. (Day 32)

Patrick JC.

7 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? ‘Out with the old, in with the new’, as we say… I’ve found that I take it upon myself to do hard factory resets in my life from time to time. It is usually every few years, that I will start fresh with many aspects surrounding my life.

Sometimes, the reset is triggered by a house move or big life event. Other times, areas of life feel stagnant in which I need to manually kick such change into gear.

These resets consist of one change after the other, forming an avalanche of new changes over a short period. I like to think of a tangible date during these resets – as it compartmentalizes chapters within my life.

This current reset involves a few things - and it has evolved promptly throughout the weeks. It started as small as getting any clutter out of my living space. I’ve always classified myself as somewhat of a minimalist, so it is easy to discard semi-sentimental objects. I’m fairly unforgiving in this process, it is difficult but necessary. Ultimately, I prefer fewer material things in life. My mind feels calmer this way, and I can project my energy on more important and meaningful areas.

I then move on to rejuvenating my wardrobe, throwing out old and worn garments. Not that I’d splurge on new clothes, but a nice simple reset always brings order and happiness to me.

This time around, it has included old furniture too. Mattresses and bedframes hitting their retirement age will be replaced with new. And with this, will come a new personal shift in how my surroundings begin to influence me. A warm and welcoming new spot to rest my head will inevitably help me throughout my waking hours. Little things like this will allow me to create new memories and archive the old.

On a spiritual and physical level – changes will be made in tandem, too. I will strive to analyse new perspectives on life. New tastes, smells, activities and routines. With all these stimulating changes happening within months of each other, one can’t help but segment what was then, and what is now.

I guess this is growing older. I do not want to be stuck (for lack of a better word) in old habits or ways of the past. I want my life to be on a continuous escalator, providing me with everlasting growth and experience.

Resets like this are healthy for me, I find. Additionally, while I may not be sentimental towards objects or things, I am in past perceptions and thoughts. When a smell, sound, person or conversation brings me back to a time in my life, I am granted entry to my archives. I can see all the segmented chapters like a book. It is incredibly special.

I hope many can relate, and I hope too, you are enjoying your weekend. I explored a new area with my bike today. It seemed out of nowhere I entered a hidden park area, with dozens of families enjoying the peace and sun. It is remarkable to see my city reopening, how I missed it.

Here is something nice.