Blue Balled. (Day 87)

Patrick JC.

10 months ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? We crashin’ again? A couple of shitcoin bags I held mooned like crazy yesterday. Now I’m left blue balled in this significant market dip. Take profits, anons… In saying that, I’m already regretting selling my Frog Vision goggles, rip.

It has been a bloody long day. I attended funeral for grandma. Not much else to say on that. I’m surrounded by love and care, and I’m very thankful to be. An emotionally exhausting day.

Gettin’ some major writer’s block today too. I’m scattered and all over the place. Just finished watching the 1987 British dark comedy ‘Withnail & I’. Highly recommend, a cult classic it seems. I think I’ll settle in tonight and watch the director’s (Bruce Robinson) more serious and acclaimed film ‘The Killing Fields’.

It has been great to finally have some time to sit and just do nothing. Watch a movie and turn off the brain for a while. I want to make December a memorable and rejuvenating month. I will attempt to eat well each day, workout and continue my creative projects…

This reminds me, a new Honā commitment needs to be made for attending gym three times a week. I reckon’ I could get a nice routine going to kick off 2022. Health is everything, I wish I realized that in my earlier years. You reap what you sow.

In other news, MSM seem to be going on about this new COVID strain in South Africa. If this shit gets out and makes its way to Australia, then I’m checkin’ out and moving to regional or something, lol.

No way in hell am I going to commit to another gruelling lockdown experience. I doubt anyone will, given what Melbournians have gone through (well over 200 days strict isolation).

So much fearmongering going on now. It is a trip to look at the headlines of MSM pandemic coverage after taking a break from YouTube and socials for a while. It all looks so purposefully haunting.

Anyway, I’m rambling as per usual. Hope you will enjoy your weekend!

Here is a tune I heard on the radio or somewhere: