Token Analysis by Liam Chai (TXLC)


6 months ago by OutputIntern

As an experiment in immersing myself more in the Bitcoin economy, I am launching Token Analysis by Liam Chai (TXLC). These are tokens you can purchase on RelayX and redeem for an analysis report on a token of your choosing.

I have been posting token analysis articles and twitter threads under the handle @OutputIntern as part of a mentorship training with Jack Liu, founder of RelayX, Output Capital and FloatSV among others. Output Intern’s analysis has been featured on the Mornin’ Run for tokens like SHUA, HST, PewPew, DSV and HAT. I’ve also recently been an accidental guest judge on Bitcoin’s Got Talent.


  • 100,000 initial supply of TXLC
  • 1,000 TXLC redeems for a 500-1000 words token analysis report
  • No fixed supply, but limited by how much time I can spend on token analysis each month
  • Currently I have time to complete five analysis reports per month (5,000 TXLC per month).
  • Once redeemed, I will deliver within 3-5 days.

The report once completed can be kept private for your viewing only, or posted publicly under Output Intern on Bitpost. I can also tweet out the analysis report.

To let the market price my work effectively, I am offering the first 10 analysis reports for sale at 0.3 BSV (~$50) each. This means each TXLC will be priced at 0.0003 BSV each as 1,000 TALC = 1 analysis report. I will then watch how the market prices TXLC and then slowly release more tokens at the market price.

Depending on the requirements of the report you want I may ask for more than 1000 TXLC to complete it.

How to Redeem

After purchasing TXLC, if you would like to redeem for a token analysis report – please send 1,000 TXLC to and then email with the txid and the name of the project you would like analysis on plus any extra relevant details.

I have only time to do 5 reports per month. So if more than 5000 TXLC get redeemed in a given month there may be a delay in writing your report.

Examples of Previous Work

The Road Ahead for SHUA
Analysis on the PewPew NFT GIF Series
Price to Bitcoin-Backing Ratio
Should you buy a Rare Hat on Twetch?
NFTs on RelayX vs. Twetch
DSV – Doriancoin Satoshi Vision
Three Aspects of Hyperhastetization
Haste Tokens (HST)
WeatherSV Tokens – WSV
What is REX1 and how do you value it?
The Middle Way of DeFi on BSV

Why Tokenise?

There are many very good freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr where I could offer my writing and research as a service easily. However I wouldn’t get paid directly in BSV, which is the money I want to save in. I would also get a 20% haircut if I used Upwork, and I believe the fee is similar on Fiverr too.

Other benefits of tokens is that my rate can fluctuate and change according to my output. As I get better at research and analysis, or if my reputation grows – the cost of TALC may increase to reflect greater demand. On the flip side if my analysis reports are no longer in much demand, TALC might trade cheaper. This part is interesting to me – and is the reason for the experimental nature of this. Because it might not happen like that. There may be other curveballs that come in which ruin that, but let’s see how the experiment goes.

Tokens can also be a way to help freelancers bootstrap their marketing. I could for example airdrop a bunch of TALC to people for free. These people now have a small stake in my future. So if my token analysis reports become more valuable over time, TALC holders would also benefit. Their incentives might lead to them wanting to market for me. I hope to learn more about the dynamics here with this first token experiment. I have a few other token ideas to come so hopefully I can bring better design to future ones


  • These token reports are not financial advice. Reports are for educational purposes only.
  • I reserve the right to decline analysing tokens I deem unsuitable. You will receive TXLC back if this happens.
  • My preference is to analyse BSV-related tokens. I may analyse tokens outside of the BSV economy for double the price.
  • TXLC may be used to redeem for other future offerings.