The Fate of the Four Numpties - Some Thoughts on NumptyCoin (NPC)


6 months ago by OutputIntern

NumptyCoin (NPC) is the first ‘creator token’ on BSV. Launched on 26th March 2021, NPC is part of the Four Numpties video channel on Streamanity, where videos are paywalled with a price tag usually between $1-$2, payable only in BSV.

The Four Numpties are:

The videos consist of the Four Numpties just chatting about whatever the hell they want. Sometimes they invite guests to join the show.

NPC Factsheet:

  • 10 million fixed supply
  • 15% of NPC initially distributed to everyone who had ever paid for a Numpties video (400+ airdropped)
  • Each of the Four Numpties holds 1.25m NPC
  • 100% of revenues earned by Numpties videos goes into a NumptyCoin pot.
  • Currently NumptyCoin pot holds 11.82 BSV (~$2000).
  • NPC current price: 2.2 cents, or 13711sats.
  • Early investor acquiring >5% stake in NPC on the open market on day 1.

The two addresses linked with the NumptyCoin pot are:



ROI for Early Numpty Viewers

1.5million NPC was airdropped to 444 Numpty viewers who had paid for at least one video before, roughly 3378 NPC per viewer. At current prices, this is ~$74 per viewer.

By calculating the amount of NPC I received versus how much I had spent, I worked out that I made a 1323% return on my money. A 13x multiple on what I spent.

It brings an interesting twist for the audience of creators if creator tokens were to take off in a big way. In a future creator-led Internet, consumers might end up paying directly for content more often than today, but stand to get back a potentially large return.

Note: over 600,000 NPC were left unclaimed by viewers. About 75% of the viewers paid using Money Button wallets. But because MB doesn’t support RUN tokens, MB users had to take an additional step to claim their NPC. This claim process had to be done manually and there was a deadline of 1st April. I believe the unclaimed NPC have now gone into the NPC development fund.

Involvement of The Soon Times

The Soon Times is a satirical news website with rumours circulating that it was founded by one of the Four Numpties. 50% of the tipping revenue from The Soon Times goes into the NumptyCoin pot, however there is also now TST - a token linked with The Soon Times. So it is unclear whether there will be a separate TST pot or if TST will be sort of like a subsidiary token of NPC.

Bios of Each of the Four Numpties

I’ll briefly go over each of the Four Numpties, as I believe this will give a good inkling for how NPC will fare going forward. All four are prolific content creators and have strong personal brands associated with them.

Isaac Morehouse

Morehouse is the CEO of Crash, a start up that helps people make video pitches to companies instead of the traditional resume. He was also founder of Praxis, which gets students to drop out of college and enter apprenticeships at startups. He has written several books and publishes content of some form nearly every day.

Deryk Makgill

Makgill was the Head of Marketing at Praxis after he started as one of the first students there. He is a historian within the bitcoin world and has archived all of Satoshi’s writings, published now on He is active on Twetch, makes great memes and was involved in the alleged insider trading of $LOCK and the Encrypt and Delete feature.

TK Coleman

Coleman is director of Entrepreneurial Education at FEE, the Foundation for Economic Education. He created a program called the Revolution of 1 which features a podcast and newsletter helping people create personal freedom. He was also co-founder of Praxis and was featured in The Minimalist documentary, Less is Now.

Steve Patterson

Patterson is a philosopher and author of two books, Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge and What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?. His Youtube channel has close to a million views in total and he has many articles and podcasts hosted on his site.

Future of NPC

The Four Numpties are all influencers in their own right, this is multiplied even further within the BSV space. With videos released every Friday, and rumoured guest appearances of Roger Ver and possibly even Craig Wright, the influence of the Numpties looks set to continue upwards.

The NumptyCoin pot has also continued to grow steadily since the launch. As the BSV space grows it’s quite likely that paid views of these videos will grow along with it. Equity analyst John Pitts has done a video discussing NumptyCoin and even said that he believes NPC to be potentially undervalued.

There are however risks with NPC. For one, liquidity is still not great and as of this writing NPC is not showing on the Mornin’ Run because there has been no 24hour trading volume.

The other issue might be the longevity of Streamanity. While the site is functional, it does not appear to have had much updates since the changeover of ownership. However if Streamanity were to fail as a platform but BSV still succeed, it’s likely there’ll be an abundance of options for the Four Numpties to choose to share their content on.

Between the Four Numpties, memetic energy is high. With Morehouse and Magill adding most of the value there.

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If you would like your token analysed, you can buy TXLC to redeem for a report