QandA NFTs - Ask Joshua Henslee Anything Tokens


1 year ago by OutputIntern

Today Joshua Henslee announced a QandA NFT that can be redeemed for a question you can ask him on a Youtube video he will publish next week. QandA NFTs are time-sensitive and have to be redeemed by 1pm UTC on 13th June 2021, with no exceptions.

QandA Factsheet

  • 25 max supply, meaning 25 questions to be answered
  • 0.04 BSV initial listed price.
  • All sold out within the hour.
  • Secondary market listing at 0.1+ BSV now
  • Full title: cryptoacorns - Q&A 1. Meaning Q&A 2, Q&A 3 to come.

QandA tokens are a simple yet novel usecase. Their very time-sensitive nature brings more of a sense of what a real-time economy may look like. The specificity of the token too is very interesting. If something as granular as a single question within a pre-scheduled Youtube video can be tokenised, what else can be tokenised in the world?

I also had a thought about whether these first QandA1 tokens might become collectibles. But given that it seems clearer each day that every single person within the Bitcoin economy will end up minting hundreds of tokens themselves, I don’t think these QandA 1 tokens will become collectibles. It is unclear whether even the original SHUA-MB that some people had decided not to migrate to SHUA-RUN would become collectibles at this rate.

I’ve also made an accompanying video to this post where I show you how I redeemed my QandA tokens and share a few more thoughts on this new usecase.

If you would like your token analysed, you can buy TXLC to redeem for a report