MTD and Metablock NFTs - Two Tokens from the Metadesk Agency


4 months ago by OutputIntern

Metadesk Agency first showed up on 4th April 2021 on Twetch with the creation of the account number /u/40000. Given the specific number, it looked like the Twetch team had either given it to Metadesk or Metadesk had bought that number from Twetch.

Metadesk introduced themselves on Twetch as the “a new marketing agency that believes BSV apps are the foundational block of the future.

The referrer of /u/40000 is Lex, where his bio reads that he is “Twetch’s personal evil meme scientist”, who “curate[s] and refine[s] the best ideas🦉 Co-founder of @40000”.

Digging further into Lex, I found his LinkedIn profile from his full name, Alexandru Cristian Matesan. He looks to be in his mid-20s and had some early success with viral meme marketing - playing a key role in the “Squatting Slavs” meme where he grew the Facebook group to 1.25million followers.

On his LinkedIn page it also says that he has worked for Twetch since March 2020, as their “Viral Marketing Consultant & Memetics Engineer”.

It appears a lot of the memes posted on Twetch’s social media accounts might actually be created by Lex. I believe this recent video meme that was very popular in the BSV space was created by Lex. The Frog has also called Metadesk Agency as one of the best start ups in the space right now.

MTD and Metablock NFT

On 15th April 2021, MTD tokens were minted with a total supply of 10,000. A giveaway was held on Twetch for 777 MTD tokens to anyone who liked and followed. A day later another 333 MTD tokens were given away to anyone who made Metadesk memes. The post got quite a lot of engagement and MTD today has close to 100 holders.


  • 10,000 MTD max supply.
  • Current price of 0.02 BSV.
  • Metablock NFT 42 max supply.
  • Current price of 2.18 BSV. Initially listed for 1 BSV each.

Current price of MTD is 0.025 BSV. In the first week or so since the announcement it had a few sales between 0.009-0.012 BSV. There was also a landing page website that looked pretty polished and professional.

Given that the announcement gave zero details about what the MTD token is about - and there is still today not much information on it, it was interesting to see some volume creep in.

It’s possible that insiders close to Lex are buying up some MTDs knowing what Lex is building. Or speculators are just betting that MTD might be worth a bet, given the polished website and background of Lex with viral marketing.

On 2nd July 2021 Metadesk announced the Metablock NFT. The NFT has four functions:

  1. ‘Soft stake’ your Metablock NFT by simply holding it which earns you a yield of 4 MTD tokens every 3 months. This is 0.1 BSV at current market prices. Although liquidity for MTD is not very good at all so it might be difficult to get that rate right now.
  2. Redeem 1 Metablock NFT for 2 weeks of Social Media Managing by Lex / the Metadesk team.
  3. Redeem for 42 “God-tier” memes.
  4. Redeem for 100 MTD + Metadesk merchandise

Soft staking tokenomics is interesting to explore further. As MTD max supply is only 10,000. If all 42 Metablock NFTs softstake, they will receive 672 MTD every year which is 6.72% of MTD supply. Each Metablock NFT can also redeem for 100 MTD - although this will use up the Metablock NFT if you redeem for 100 MTD. Given that all the Metablock NFTs have sold - that means potentially strong demand for MTD tokens.

As specific use cases for MTD tokens are not even public info yet we might see MTD price appreciate more as announcements come out on what it can be used for. Right now it looks like MTD tokens will have a similar usecase to Metablock NFTs, except as a more granular service. I.e. Metablock NFT = a whole package of 42 God-tier memes, whereas with MTD you could buy just 1 God-tier meme.

At current prices of 0.02 BSV, that is a market cap of $24,000 with BSV at $120 today. Plus the Metablock NFT market cap of $10,900 gives a total mcap of $34,900 for the two tokens. For comparison Numptycoins are at a market cap of $169,000 and SHUA is at $355,000. Does Metadesk Agency already have paying clients like Twetch or others in the space, and will they need to buy Metablock NFTs or MTD in order to receive the meme marketing services?

The Value of Memes

Given the meteorite rise of meme coins like DOGE and SHIBU, memes certainly appear to have a lot of value. With Lex’s history of growing the Squatting Slavs meme it’d be interesting to see whether that is something he can replicate or if that was a one-off lucky campaign that went viral.

There’s no doubt if this is something Lex has honed down to a replicable method that Metadesk Agency will be able to earn a lot of revenue from their clients.

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