A Short Primer on Doriancoin Satoshi Vision (DSV)


22 days ago by OutputIntern

On May 18th, root - the creator of Doriancoin Satoshi Vision (DSV), announced that 32 million DSV have been provably locked until block height 720,000 - which will be mined approximately end of 2021. This is 84.5% of the currently minted supply of DSV.

This post is an updateed consolidation of my previous tweets analysing DSV.

DSV is a bit complicated to understand. There are two separate coins here. DSV - Doriancoin Satoshi Vision, and Doriancoin.

Doriancoin was created by root way back in 2014. It was a fork of Litecoin that played on the story that Newsweek broke that Satoshi Nakamoto was a man called Dorian Nakamoto. Besides the same last name, and some interesting coincidences that he lived very close to Hal Finnay, Dorian was clearly not Satoshi Nakamoto.

So that is where the name Doriancoin came from. You can still read root’s originalannouncement post on BitcoinTalk. Since 2014, primarily root and a few other miners have kept Doriancoin going.

Then around January 2021, root decided to tokenise Doriancoin onto BSV. Naming the tokenised coin DSV - Doriancoin Satoshi Vision. DSV can be redeemed 1:1 for Doriancoin. And likewise anyone mining Doriancoin can swap 1:1 for DSV.

DSV is not currently a mineable coin like Doriancoin is. Although it does appear that root might be trying to make DSV mineable too at some pont.

Doriancoin Factsheet

  • Mineable proof of work coin, using Litecoin’s scrypt algorithm
  • 84m max supply
  • 40.8m coins mined so far
  • 90% of mined coins mined by one address (presumably root)
  • Currently 3 miners
  • 149.17 MH hashpower
  • No exchanges trading it

Doriancoin Satoshi Vision (DSV) Factsheet

  • Tokenised Doriancoin on BSV using RUN protocol.
  • Redeemable 1:1 for Doriancoins
  • First mint of 35million DSV. Now 37.85million. Supply will match the number of mined Doriancoins.
  • 200+ token holders
  • Trading on RelayX with current price $0.013708

Since 2014, root has never tried to list Doriancoin onto any exchanges. But upon tokenising Doriancoin into DSV, there was some initial demand on Twetch - with this post being the first recorded sale at a price of $0.002180.

After that it started to trade on RelayX and root bought the ticker $DSV, which meant DSV was now on the frontpage of RelayX.

Future of DSV

For DSV holders who bought recently, it might be a concern that the vast majority of DSV is held by root as he was the sole miner for several years between 2014 and 2021. However on the day it was announced that 84.5% of DSV until block 720,000 were locked there was a volume spike that suggested DSV holders were encouraged by this.

Root has also made posts that say he will distribute the trading fees earned by the DSV ticker on RelayX to DSV token holders. Ticker owners on RelayX earn 15% of the trading fees of tokens trading under their ticker. As multiple tokens can be tied under a ticker, root has said that he will list his other businesses and token ideas under the ticker DSV.

Ultimately DSV is very experimental in nature. There appear to be some plans to turn DSV into a mineable PoW system on BSV itself. A sort of testnet sidechain. [TK:edit]

Root is also the creator of several other useful BSV websites like the token explorer bsv.run and Bitcoin Cloud - which offers BSV blockchain services. As root holds so much of the DSV supply, any purchase of DSV is somewhat like sponsoring root to continue in his development work. While some DSV for sale on the marketplace might be root himself, if you wish to buy direct from root I believe he is open to OTC trades.

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