Subverting the Market


10 months ago by LuoZhen

Reuters: Don’t panic buy, Britain tells consumers as BP shuts gas stations

Small Business Minister Paul Scully said Britain was not heading back into a 1970s-style “winter of discontent” of strikes and power shortages amid widespread problems caused by supply chain issues.

Soaring wholesale European natural gas prices have sent shockwaves through energy, chemicals and steel producers, and strained supply chains which were already creaking due to insufficient labour and the tumult of Brexit.

After gas prices triggered a carbon dioxide shortage, Britain was forced to extend emergency state support to avert a shortage of poultry and meat.

Whether you believe it intentional or incompetence, the conditions for soaring energy prices were put into place intentionally. All across the West, governments have replaced fossil fuel energy with alternatives that cannot generate the same amount of power. They intentionally reduced energy supply. They are printing money like never before, creating a demand surge. Anytime demand climbs higher than supply, prices will rise. Energy markets are highly volatile because prices are set at the margin. A slight imbalance one way or the other creates huge price swings. Create an incredible amount of demand while slashing supply and the result is a foregone conclusion. The lockdowns are a distraction from the core policies driving prices higher.

Energy prices will soar in the coming decade because companies such as Exxon, oil companies that you might expect would defend their industry, are abandoning oil production. They’re cutting investment, divesting assets and shifting their business. Green energy will be a monopoly energy politically worse than crude oil, so there’s no reason not to join the party if you like money. Profits will flow to the politically connected and those who enact politically-correct energy policy just as the politically connected in China see capital flow their way. Private investors are carrying out similar shifts via the ESG investment trend. “Have fun being poor” should be the message of ESG to the general public.

A meme going around is “I will not eat the bugs.” There’s a clear push to reduce meat production in the West and replace it with alternative protein sources. Here’s the thing: most of you are gonna eat the bugs. You’re going to eat the bugs because as with energy, the capitalists will adjust with the market. The market will be forced in a new direction by government, media and other forces working in concert. More than a few cattle ranchers, and certainly the corporations, will say “that’s what the market wants” and go along with it.

Ultimately, most capitalists are price takers, not price makers. They don’t create markets, they serve them. Only those with creative vision or strongly held personal values will be able to shift markets in their direction, and even then it will require political action between like-minded individuals.

Consumers are mostly passive. They will complain about company X, Y and Z and then continue using their products and services. I don’t know about you, but whenever I read of some dissident getting kicked off Twitter, YouTube or some other platform, I don’t care. Many groups should know better by now, they should understand their presence is not wanted.

The system of censorship is running smoothly in media and BigTech now. About a month ago, there was an article about “animal cruelty” videos on YouTube. A month later, YouTube is banning hunting and fishing channels. In this case, there are alternative video sites such as Rumble and Streamanity, Gab is building out the service and Unauthorized TV is building an platform with editiorial direcction. Most people are still using free services that hate them because content creators, those most impacted by bans, aren’t moving.

Many people think market forces by themselves will do all the work, or that technology will be used a certain way, similar to how many foolishly believe the system of democracy somehow produces freedom. BTC is the best example these days of libertarians getting it wrong again on markets and technology. Aside from retarding the Bitcoin protocol, the BTCers seem to think they will usher in a libertarian paradise of sound money through investment specualtion. Twenty years ago, some of the very same people would have told you the Internet would end all censorship. Instead, China built a total surveillance state and Americans are less free than at any time in their history. With central banks already working on public blockchains and digital currencies, I’m betting on totalitarian government emerging in the next 20 years. If people who value liberty think liberty will magically spring up from “the market,” then prepare to live under an authoritarian system.

There is no such thing as a totally free market, certainly not when there are central banks printing money and handing it to governments. The vast majority of the U.S. economy is either directly funded by government, coerced by government, or controlled via quasi-government institutions such as media and NGOs. If you aren’t the one directing the market via your purposeful actions, then you are taking the direction from someone else. These days, those someone elses are serving Satan or his agent Mammon.