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4 months ago by Lor4x

If youre not having fun, youre doing it wrong. If youre not having fun, you dont have access to your imagination. If youre not having fun, most likely you are not relaxed and messing things up. Just look at all the benefits of feeling good, being positive, vibing, being in the flow. Manifestations in the blink of an eye. Time disappears. Everyone around is impacted in a positive way. Life is much easier.

This is all in your control by the way. No one in this world including God can make you FEEL anything. Its all about you. More so, your state of being. You have to accept where you are and who you are in every moment but we already talked about change and how to take it on. We are not born with the same things at all. In every aspect. Knowing this makes you realize how blessed you are. Things can always be worse than they are. And chances are, if youre reading this, this are about to get way better.

Whats happening when we arent having fun? Stress, anxiety, over-thinking, worry, and worse. These things have major negative impacts on ourselves and things around us. We touch so many aspects of life around us without even realizing the imapcts. We are so much more powerful than many understand. There are few. What are some things that many be the cause of all this dis-ease? Main Stream Media, Television, Low-vibe or hate filled music, too much technology, isolation, fear, self-doubt.

How do we have fun when there’s so much to take on? First, we need to acknowledge what we are seeing in our reality. Take response-ability. Then we can begin to re-member how to reconnect ourselves to the Infinite. We were born connected to mother Earth, connected to all people and animals, connected to everything within our reality. This isnt news. This isnt something I just made up and decided to tell everyone. You know this. We’ve all known this and made a choice to forget at some point. But that’s not who we are any more.

Look, I dont have the specific answer for you. This is your journey and we are all every much different as far as what pleases our taste. Just think back to what you loved to do as a child or even now as an adult. What puts a grin on your face? What is so satisfying that you want to continue to invest yourself in? Let your heart lead you to where you need to be. Enjoy the fact that you are learning, growing, changing, evolving, accomplishing, living with a desire for fun. You’ll thank me when we get there.