4 months ago by Lor4x

I was mining multiple antminers back in 2012/2013 just like the rest of them but no one cares what you did 10 years ago. Lets be real, not unless you invented Bitcoin or iphone or something amazing. Anyway, I met a girl. Girl became wife. We had a beautiful baby girl. Priorities changed. Fast forward 5 years. The summer of 2018 when BSV was coming in hot, just “split” from Core & Cash. Immediately drawn and amazed by you know who. I was exciting to come in learning everything I could about BitCoin and blockchain technology. Many of my early Twitter post are me going back and forth, mainly with myself. “Is he?”, “Bitcoin…SV?”, Bruh….

Regardless of who he is or may be. I stand for the truth and the light. Its pretty clear there is fuckery going on. IMHO, this can be resolved by only 1 thing. Proof of Work. And as many secrets and lies one may have, time will always tell the truth using proof of work. What was and is currently happening in the space is a tragedy of the commons! If youre not aware, BitCoin is at war and has been for some time now. Its my belief, BitCoin and BitCoiners are currently being “buried” by the forces that be. I believe this is happening due to the power BitCoin gives the people. Truly permissionless financing. We dont need guberment or any bankers dipping their lizard claws in our hard earnings. Lets be fair, I can pay for taxes we all agree on and also the price we agree to. Thats not whats happening but can with BitCoin. And they dont like that of course.

So anyway, Ive had my share of twitter convos with Loop, Whale, Pony, Backk, McCorecuck and all the other clowns whom eventually blocked me for asking real questions about whatever nonsense they spew into twitter. That got old real quick and they run and hide as Im sure many BitCoiners have seen. In effort to stay based in an ever changing world, I moved on to bigger things. While I still have a presence on twitter and was an “early” adopter of Twetch by luck u/444. I began to open up and let BitCoin do with me as it pleases.

2019 is mostly filled with Twetch and twitter memes inspired by @godof_meme and the Twetch culture at that time. This whole time Im also taking classes with Bitcoin Association they’ve released. Watching and learning. 2020 came and I just… how fking ridiculous… we have so much to learn and remember family. As my career took off and my focus slightly changed, I was able to step back from BitCoin and have my “Ah-ha!” moment.
Now, here, 2021, We building! And Im not talking about jpegs anymore.

That’s all I got for Day 1. Stay tuned