To be or Not to be, Its your Creation


4 months ago by Lor4x

Youve heard it many times, “To be or Not to be, that is the question…” but what does that really mean? Is it as simple as life and death? Existence or non-existence. To Be or Not. What if we take it a step further and say, its your choice. You decide what is to be or not to be. Are you not already deciding? I think you have been my friend and I say we are the Creators. Creating reality from your own perspective.

Youre aware that no one is doing anything for you. Lets try accepting that no one can doing anything to you. We are on our own for the most part. Even if things were handed to you at one point, the response-ability fell on you eventually. Even if you are always with someone, you have to make determinations and respond accordingly. My point is, you and me are creating, all the time. Deciding when something starts and maybe when something else stops. There truly is no limit to creation.

I want everyone to see that they too can create and have been already. Use your imagination. Play as if youre 4 years old again. Create fun and exciting things that make you feel good and smile. Create something that makes a difference in our forever changing world. This is possible alone or with another. This has already been happening and you may not have realized it.

When you can let go of limitations and any filters. This playfulness will help you create masterpieces like never before. Tap into yourself and let your imagination carry you.