Technology for Technologies sake


4 months ago by Lor4x

I was pretty much born into technology from my perspective. Well at least 1 aspect of it. My dad was a computer network admin where he met my mother at IBM. We’ve always had technology around from my childhood. Old computers, were around but I really became interested when we received AOL chat and email. This is when I discovered the internet and fell in love.

The Television was always on, or music playing, a computer up and running, we were plugged in. I didnt realize at the time what was about to happen to the world and what we had at our finger tips. Its just around this time that I believe technology took off and never looked back. We couldnt even name a quarter of all the machines, services, tools, advancements that technology has brought us in the last 20 years if we tried. And if you think about it, before that, it was still in its infancy.

Right now, I think we already have the answers in front of us. Or at least the technology to help us find those answers. We are focused on the wrong things. On individualism and not all inclusive. ‘How can I get ahead?’ If we take a step back and look at what we already have. Taking care of ‘our own’ is great and hard work but taking care of the world can only be accomplished by us all working together.

BitCoin may not be the be all end all to this solution albeit it is the key to get things moving in the right direction. BitCoin is more than technology and once you use it and witness the capabilities, you will know this is true. Ive seen lives changed in the blink of an eye. Dreams accomplished through perseverance. We are going to show the world something its never seen before and we are all going to be part of the new.

Look, I understand the natural order and the universe. There is no slowing down. There is no turning back. So, continue to create, produce, build and take yourself higher as we continue to grow and expand. Just remember, all the answers are already here and have been right in front of you. We are all in this together and are all waiting on each other.