Med Yo


2 months ago by Lor4x

This is something I cannot get enough of. I need more of this in my life. Yoga and exercising the body is so beneficial for your mind, body and soul. I remember when I learned how to do sun salutations about 8 or 9 years ago. Ive never looked back as this being one of the top exercises in my daily routine. Yes, I could do more as I do not do this daily which is no one’s fault but mine.

Meditation is even better for me. Which I probably do even less right now. But at one point, I was taking 15 minutes twice a day to sit in silence and focus on me. Let thoughts come and go. Observe and let go. Remember that we are not attached to any feelings or ideas or even our bodies. Isha Krya is the meditation style I practice. Warning, it takes about 90 days for you to fully change with notice.

In a world that is speeding up and we continue to process more and more information. These 2 things can be life changing, lifesaving, and take you to a whole new level.