Making Mistakes


4 months ago by Lor4x

Everyone is doing it. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s almost as if we have to make mistakes, to learn from them. And youre not alone in this. This is a trial-and-error era. Not to say that things arent ever done right the 1st time or a perfect beautiful creation from conception. But in a world that requires proof of work, mistakes are your stepping stones to a more rewarding outcome.

Success is built on making mistakes. A mistake can be looked at the same as practicing to make something exceptional. We even tell our children this at a young age. If they play sports or instruments or anything they may have interest in and dont always make a goal or hit the right note. “Keep going”, “That’s okay”, “Practice makes Perfect”. And this couldnt be more than true. Stay positive and keep going. You won’t always hit the mark or get 100%. But the more you can control your emotions and stay focused on your goal, the chances of you succeeding grow exponentially.

I wouldn’t say, welcome all your mistakes with open arms, but they are beneficial. You can learn from each mistake. Im pretty sure this is literally how science works these days. LOL. Im kidding but no, every time you try something, you can learn from this. A new angle, and new perspective, a different opportunity, a chance to make something better than it was. All of this can be used to your advance so that you get ahead. All from making mistakes.

When you start to grasp this concept, you start to wonder, “Are mistakes really mistakes?” “I think this is supposed to be happening.” “I knew it would end up this way so I could learn this.” You see that you are much more in control of your responsibilities. You begin to see how things around you are meant to be. Just like you are here for a reason. There are no accidents. There are no mistakes. Youre doing exactly what you should have been doing this whole time.

So go frens and continue to make your “mis-takes”