Idea Babies


2 months ago by Lor4x

Yep, thats exactly what it is. Your ideas are your babies. Think about it, you can have the GOAT of ideas, changing the world to better humanity. What happens if you dont pay attention to your babies? What happens when you dont change your babies? What happens when you dont feed your babies?

Thankfully unlike real babies, we can forget about our thoughts and ideas. We can start them and carry them for as long as we like and still one day ignore them. We have thousands of thoughts throughout our day and for many with an Entrepeneur mentality, ideas bombard our daily lives. This is a good thing of course. AS much as we process and contemplate in our busy lives, we need the ability to take in what we need and let the rest go.

The trick here is to know when to act on the GOAT ideas. When to realize its something that your heart truly desires. I know you have them because we see them manifest all the time. You can feel it when they arise. These bad boys do not have the same taste in your pallet. The point is, you have to nurture these ideas. Love them, feed them and even change them when its time.

Take action. Take response-ability. Specially to the ideas that are great. Even the smallest step to get things moving. And the better the idea, the chances are that you can take your time to nurture this into something huge. But remember, in no circumstance can you ignore this idea. I understand life is messy and things happen. But if you set this mindset, you can create beyond your wildest dreams. Those ideas youre having are just the blueprints to something even greater.