How many clicks to the center of the network


2 months ago by Lor4x

One thing I have noticed in the BitCoin ecosystem is, the more you use and spend, the more you earn. The more you get involved in the community, the more you earn. The more you interact and participate, the more you earn. There are so many different avenues for onboarding and this continues to grow daily. Developers and Entrepreneurs are taking notice on the stable protocol and scaling capabilities.

I’ve come on more opportunities to learn how to build with BitCoin and create something new with BitCoin in the last 3 years than I can remember. Dont worry, I am acting on some of these opportunities and creating with others. The point is, anyone can do this. Find what you like to do I bet you there are ways to participate in BitCoin.

You can even take some aspects of your daily job if not all and be involved in BitCoin, turning your everyday job to be the stepping stones of your financial freedom. There are very few people who understand the full capabilities of the BitCoin network and how we can interact with it. New applications and services are emerging daily. Fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens are also beginning to explode on BitCoin.

Things are still early and being tested over the last few years now that certain scripts and malware has been removed from BitCoin. Thats a whole other topic that we won’t go in to. You have time to get involved. Dont wait for the next person to do it for you. Reach out and communicate if you are interested. Start a conversation. Show the community what you can do or that you just are interested in learning.

If you are already in the community and want to be more involved, just keep your eye open for things you’re interested in. Spend BitCoin on honest projects you agree with and can get behind. Spend BitCoin on things that help you learn and grow. Spend BitCoin on things that help you earn more BitCoin. When you start to become more involved, and actually participating in various projects and events, youre network will grow. When your network grows, you actually become closer to the center of the BitCoin network. This paradox reflects the same as it does in our lives.