'Go Get It'


11 months ago by Lor4x

When I was young and even to this day, my mother makes a list for everything. Grocery list, to-do list, chore list, clean list, calendars, furniture and decor list, she had them all. I never truly appreciated the list when I was young and probably didnt care for them at all. Of course, I was the one being assigned a task and completing these lists for everything, or so I thought. Doing chores around the house was a regular occurrence for me and we had a house cleaning service that came every 2 weeks.

As I grew into my teenage and young adulthood, my mother would always tell me. “Make a list / write it down”, with no added context or direction other than, “you’ll remember”. And of course, me thinking i know it all, let it go in one ear and out the other. “Okay Mom, I will” , as I begin to discover the real world and how to interact with adult responsibilities. Maybe I had a memory issue early on, at least my mother may have had that impression.

Navigating through today’s world can seem daunting and even draining at times if you are focused on the wrong things. This was my experience early on although it didnt last very long looking back. I soon came to many realizations being an adult and trying to figure out what was happening in our world. I think one of the most important ones is that no one is going to hand you anything. Im not rich by any means, and I did not grow up poor either. Id say I was pretty blessed in my experience and even made some bad financial and career choices. Point is, regardless of what you think you already have, that will always change. And knowing that you need to be the one with responsibility, that means you have no choice.

Your only option is to GO GET IT, take action, do what you think will get you ahead, take response-ability. Without even thinking, I wrote this down on a sticky note, GO GET IT! These 3 words were just enough of what I need to tell myself that when I wrote this down and looked at it daily, it started working. It was like magic. Things just started happening for me. I met the woman of my dreams, my career took off, I began to excel in different areas in life. I was not just letting things happen anymore, but taking control.

I hope this article helps you get ahead in life in some way as this simple task helped me. Use your own words of motivation and encouragement but place this where you can see it every day. I believe in 90 days from that date you do this, your world will already be changing into something you prefer to see. It did for me.