Born into Bitcoin War


4 months ago by Lor4x

Many of the frens we are seeing are not aware of whats going on around them. They are not aware of the ongoing battle that we endure. B S V has been at war since its conception. Fighting for the truth. Desperate to show the World its power. There are few who even understand the capabilities. More can feel its power and beauty when they find it. And other dont even see it due to propaganda, following the masses, and pure ignorance.

We have seen many come and go. Doubts, suspicions, anger, betrayal, yes, we’ve been through the ringer. But unlike the other, we understand. We see through the mockery. We can feel the energy as if we are part of it. B S V is here to change the world we live in. And we are all going to contribute. Not by holding anything. Not by watching any charts. Not by becoming some super genius inventing life changing AI. But just by doing this. The simple task on interacting with the network.

We are paving the way for others. Adding to the collective consciousness. Demonstrating what can be done. In the coming tides, there will be something for everyone to do. Everything is connected and we are showing the world through BitCoin.