29 days ago by Lor4x

There’s no time for indecisiveness or flip flopping or complaining. Make a decision that resonates and stick with it. Nothing is easy. there’s no easy road around the corner. Everything you see was built and earned by someone just like you. You want more? do more! You want better? Be better! Its all in your hands and power to control the outcome of your experiences. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you.
When you commit to something put you best effort in and forward. That is the only way that you will succeed. Yes youre going to learn many things one way or another but what you want is what youve deemed a successful outcome. Give all your effort and dont wait for the next person to do it. Waiting for someone else and having your commitment end in failure is the easy way out and You’ll learn this the hard way.
Go All-In on yourself. You signed up for it, finish the job. Your rewards will greatly increase if you do.