The importance of resting and a good night sleep for brain


11 months ago by Korppi

I think we all know this, but many of us might need a little reminder.

When sleeping, the brain cleanses and regenerates itself. Even one fully controlled night affects brain function, but a gradual sleep deprivation is also detrimental.

As you sleep, space opens up between brain cells, and the cerebrospinal fluid can flow more freely than during the day. In this way, the extra waste products generated by the activity of the brain cells can be washed away.

In addition, it has been found that during the deepest phase of sleep, junctions are formed between nerve cells. Too thick or weak joints will loosen and fit will strengthen. During sleep, even an adult develops new nerve cells in memory centers, although it is often said that the brain does not regenerate. BEEB FALSE

Pro tip:
If you are trying to learn something, it is good to study it before you go to bed. Not too tired, but while you are still clear minded. The brain will process the things you have just studied, during the sleep. This means that the brain creates the neurological connections enabling us to retain the information.

The busy rhythm of life easily tempts you to pinch some time from sleeping to other things every night. The gradual accumulation of sleep deprivation has several other, in part insidious, consequences. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels rise. Weight may tend to increase. The secretion of cortisol and other stress hormones are accelerated. The body develops a mild inflammatory condition. The effects of a slowly declining sleep deprivation should therefore not be underestimated.

I’m happy almost every day when I have had enough sleep, and that all changes when I don’t sleep enough. I become grumpy and tired and my physical performance is like 50% of the normal. It’s like a hangover.

Don’t pinch time from sleeping if you have a choice. You will thank yourself when you don’t.

(And yes I know what it’s like with babies, toddlers and kids, because I have been a stepmom to my late mans three children. Anyway, do everything you can to sleep enough, because it really is a game changer.)
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So tonight, SLEEP. And also teach this to your kids before going to bed so they will think about it and maybe even remember it.

Best regards,

-Korppi from the North

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