#TokenSwap (Blogging Challenge – Day 17)


1 month ago by Geir

For the last couple of days I have been looking into a new service built on BSV called TokenSwap. https://tswap.io/

While I do not yet fully understand the service, I am intrigued by what I see, and I certainly see a large potential in the service. I have never used Uniswap, but my understanding is that TokenSwap is basically the same service, but operated on-chain with BSV.

This is how TokenSwap describes its service in its twitter bio:
“Defi on BSV. Bitcoin’s first on-chain DEX with automatic liquidity.”

There is also an official Telegram channel for TokenSwap with close to 800 members: https://t.me/tswap_io

I also found a quick youtube tutorial on how to use the pooling & farming portion of TokenSwap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEwmz-x618Y

I do think TokenSwap could potentially become a key driver for BSV price appreciation, so I recommend spending some time looking into the service, and to keep an eye on how it develops from here…