Should you buy $ZAT today? (Blogging Challenge – Day 3)


24 days ago by Geir

Today I would like to write about $ZAT, the first $BSV token issued by Zatoshi. If you have no interest in this topic, do not waste any time reading on…

Before you invest in $ZAT or any other token, please make sure you are aware of the risks involved, as discussed in this video with RelayX founder Jack Liu

I personally trust Zatoshi 100%, but please make your own research:

Quick $ZAT overview:
333,333 $ZAT tokens were issued June 21st, 2021, at a price of 0.01 BSV each – a total of 3,333.33 BSV
If you buy and hold $ZAT, you will receive the following payments in BSV for each $ZAT you hold:
January 9th 2022: 0.001
January 9th 2023: 0.001
January 9th 2024: 0.001
January 9th 2025: 0.001
January 9th 2026: 0.001
January 9th 2027: 0.0005
January 9th any future year: 0.0005

The tokens can be traded on the RelayX marketplace.

The tokens can also be redeemed back to Zatoshi for their 0.01 BSV initial value starting January 10th, 2022.

If you are able to hold your $ZAT tokens at least until January 10th, 2022, the only risk of buying $ZAT at 0.01 BSV is the risk of Zatoshi not honoring his promise, as this would essentially render the token worthless.

If the $ZAT market price drops below 0.01 BSV, you can recoup your investment by redeeming directly with Zatoshi, and if the market price goes higher, you can simply sell on the open market for an increased ROI. Either way, on January 9th, 2021 you will receive a 0.001 BSV/$ZAT payment – a 10% guaranteed return on your investment in a little more than 4 months – how can you beat that?