15 days ago by Geir

There were many great presentations at CoinGeek New York day two, but the highlight for me was PeerSend:

PeerSend is a browser extension for Google Chrome, that will allow you to send BSV to any Twitter user. The extension will also search for and highlight any paymail addresses on the websites you visit, making it easy to send BSV.

If you send money to someone who isn’t a PeerSend user, the receiver will be given 24 hours to install PeerSend and connect their wallets. Once the receiver is connected to PeerSend, your money will send out. If they do not become a PeerSend user in 24 hours, your payment will automatically be canceled and remain in your wallet.

There is currently no fees to use PeerSend, and future plans include a connect feature that will allow you to pay with BSV on websites such as Amazon without the need for an account or a login.

This is a service that could potentially be a game changer for BSV adoption, and I encourage you to give it a try.