#NFTs (Blogging Challenge – Day 14)


11 months ago by Geir

NFTs have been a hot subject lately, as some have sold for crazy amounts on other chains. I believe that these prices are much more likely to be a result of money laundering than a real market, but I will not go further into that topic.

On BSV there has also been an explosion in both tokens and NFTs over the last few months. Some of these shot up in value (at least temporary), while others struggle to sell and have little or no secondary market.

I have a pretty large collection of both tokens and NFTs. I have purchased many of them, but I have also been given quite a few, and I am naturally very grateful for this. For me, I enjoy collecting these. I do not expect making money on them, but I must admit that it is more fun to hold a token or NFT where a secondary market exists. If I see an opportunity to earn a few Satoshis by selling something, I might do so. On the other hand, if I see something listed for a price that feels too low, I might buy it. It feels a little like the tide rolling in and out: One day I am trying to free up BSV by unloading some of my tokens and NFTs, the next day I might be putting the BSV right into new tokens and/or NFTs again.

While I have a lot of tokens on MoneyButton, I do prefer to buy and sell on RelayX, as they make it easy both to buy and to list for sale.

In theory, you should be able to see what I have listed for sale under the “listed” tab at:

In reality, that list is incomplete as well as outdated. Other problems with RelayX include that they do not have any kind of transaction log at the moment. Also, if you list all of your quantities of an NFT or token for sale, it will simply disappear from the list in your wallet. My workaround for this: Maintain a document with the name and link for all tokens and NFTs that I own.

My favorite token is ZAT, which I wrote about on day 3 of the blogging challenge: https://www.bitpost.app/u/Geir/should-you-buy-zat-today-blogging-challenge-day-3-7EtUrwf

When it comes to NFTs, I have a few favorites that I would like to draw your attention to.

The first one is called Incubation:
This is a NFT with a total supply of 300, so the price (at least at the moment) is very low, but I think it is a beautiful NFT.
The artist on this one is JimmieBitcoin - see his other work at: https://relayx.com/1jimmie

The second one I would like to highlight is called Trips Colors Series n.8:
This NFT only has a total supply of 10, and it was issued by https://bullishart.com/ - I can’t really put my finger on exactly why I like this piece, but I liked it so much that I bought multiple copies. ;)
BullishArt issues NFTs from multiple artists, and you can see everything they have issued on RelayX at: https://relayx.com/1bullishart

Finally, I would like to highlight the work of CUB token in general - they put out some really nice NFTs, and 70% of their profits goes to charity, so buying from them is a win-win: https://relayx.com/1cubtoken