Halfway there... (Blogging Challenge – Day 15)


1 month ago by Geir

Today marks the halfway point for the 30 day blogging challenge.

I minted my first NFT today on RelayX:
It is just a fun thing I did on impulse after a twitter exchange, but it was cool to check out the process. The fee I paid was 16 cents for 16 NFTs.

I have completed my 15th daily walk - for a total of 55.84 miles walked in September so far. I have also posted my daily picture to Relica https://relica.world/post/89e531f6-95d7-4dad-9b5f-3cd97d3e0851 and I feel ready to move on to the second half of both the blogging challenge, and my own walking & Relica posting challenge.

Tomorrow I plan on checking in on other contestants, to see who is still in line to complete the full challenge. Make sure you check my entry tomorrow for a list of the bloggers I have identified to have completed the first 15 days of this challenge!