#GenuineRetweets (Blogging Challenge – Day 13)


14 days ago by Geir

I have been using GenuineRetweets for a while now, and I can honestly say that it is the single best way I have found to make a little BSV.

The way the service works is that advertisers can buy exposure (retweets & comments) for any tweet. If you are among the first specified number (for example 25) promoters to retweet the promoted tweet, you will be paid 15 cents worth of BSV as a thank you. There is also a smaller subset of promoters that are approved as commenters, and the first 5 from this group to make a quality comment will be paid 50 cents worth of BSV.

Promoters can see promoted tweets from the website https://genuineretweets.com, as well as on twitter https://twitter.com/GenuineRetweets - whenever a new promoted tweet is available, promoters also get notification through a 1 Duro payment to their HandCash wallet.

GenuineRetweets is a closed program - you need to be approved by them to become a promoter. However, they did send out a tweet today that they are looking for new commenters to join their team, so this might be a good time to reach out to them to see if they will accept you as a new promoter. https://twitter.com/GenuineRetweets

Good luck!