Genuine Retweets as an advertiser


13 days ago by Geir

I have been a promoter (like, retweet and comment) for Genuine Retweets for a while. As I have stated previously, it is a great service, that provides an easy way to earn a little BSV.

Today I tried Genuine Retweets as an advertiser for the first time, so I would like to share my experience.

The process of ordering the advertising was extremely easy, and I chose the 50 likes & retweets plus 5 comments option. This cost me $25, which was automatically withdrawn from my Handcash wallet.

Once my order was submitted, it only took a few seconds before I received a 1 Duro Handcash payment, as well as a Chrome notification about the new job.

The likes & retweets started almost immediately, and within 1 hour the job was almost completed (this was Friday evening California time, which I would expect to be a slow time for this kind of engagement).

My promoted tweet was asking people to join the Gopnikz discord server (check it out, and consider joining at ), and in addition to the 50 likes and retweets I paid for, I have gotten a handful of people joining the discord through my link.

All in all, I will say that I was impressed with the service I received as an advertiser, and based on my experience, I do recommend Genuine Retweets to potential advertisers!