Duro Dogs steal the show


8 months ago by Geir

I have spent quite some time exploring the new Duro Dogs game today, and I think this has the potential to be a great success.

It is possible to play this game completely for free, but there are paid upgrades available, such as buying additional dogs, treats and cosmetics (currently hats, glasses and collars).

I started out with 3 dogs (1 free and 2 purchased), but decided last night to add 6 more dogs to my collection, so that it now sits at 9.

This was a strategic decision that I took when I became aware that a special graduation hat would be provided to the first 100 dogs that make it to level 10. I simply figured that it would be both more fun, and a better deal over time to buy additional dogs (which will generate treats) rather than simply buying treats in the shop.

I have already been able to get several of my dogs to level 10. They will not all make it among the first 100, but within a few days, I expect all of my dogs to be level 10.

If you have not yet tried Duro Dogs, give it a try:

I said yesterday that I would write more about the Kleiman v Wright verdict today, but I will delay that entry until tomorrow.