#BSVAcademy (Blogging Challenge – Day 29)


2 months ago by Geir

I completed (and passed) the Introduction to Bitcoin Theory class from BSV Academy today. https://tpow.app/cc37c8eb

This is a free class, categorized as a beginner’s class, and estimated to take 9 hours. I am not a tech person, and I must admit that I found parts of the course challenging. I am however very glad that I took the class, and it has helped me develop my understanding of how Bitcoin actually works.

The class is divided into 13 chapters, and an estimated time for each chapter is provided:
Abstract (45 mins)
Introduction (45 mins)
Transactions (45 mins)
Timestamp Server (15 minutes)
Proof of Work (60 mins)
Network (45 mins)
Incentive (45 mins)
Reclaiming Disk Space (30 mins)
Simplified Payment Verification (45 mins)
Combining and Splitting Value (30 mins)
Privacy (45 mins)
Calculations (60 mins)
Conclusion (15 mins)
Final Assessment (80 questions)

I really enjoyed how the course was laid out, and I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants a better understanding of how Bitcoin works.

Each chapter starts out with a video read-through of the relevant section of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, followed by written sections. After a few sections, you will have to take an assessment test, typically 4 to 6 multiple choice questions, which needs to be passed in order to move on to the next section.

If you do fail an assessment, you will need to re-read the previous sections before you can retake the assessment. I personally felt that it was a great help to my learning to watch each video twice, and also read each section twice.

The final section of each chapter is a video summary of the chapter, followed by one final assessment for the chapter.

In total, the course has 31 assessments plus the final assessment. The final assessment at the end of the course is 80 multiple choice questions, and the requirement to pass the course is 60 or more correct answers.

I intend to take all current and future BSV Academy classes, at least as long as they remain FREE, and I strongly recommend you do the same.

A good first class to take might be Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design (3 hours). Introduction to Bitcoin Development (10 hours) is also available right now, while a number of other courses are listed as coming soon.

Check it out: https://tpow.app/cc37c8eb